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Premium soundproofing

With SoundBlock soundproofing subfloor systems everyone can enjoy peace and quiet. Improves the quality of homes, offices, schools and public buildings. Easy to install in both new constructions and renovations.

SoundBlock Soundproofing subfloor system

Our whole system is made of non-organic  materials. No creaking from wooden girders or sag due to drying, moisture or temperature variations. Constructed from non-deformable aluminium, quality ABS plastic and Solymer® Regufoam, the subfloor system is secured to the subflooring and set at the desired height. Surface flooring made from chipboard and parquet or carpet is then laid on top.

Damping Element

Sylomer SR 450-12 Regufoam. Excellent vibration and structural sound insulation.

Aluminium Girder

EN AW-6060 T66. Light, stable, strong and easy to install. No risk of creaking or sag.

Leveling adjuster

ABS HI121H. Very high heat and impact resistance. Easy to level and adjust height.

Let’s Work Together

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